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John kenworthy

"I found John to be a professional and enthusiastic executive and I was pleasd to work with him." - Andrew Gaule

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John Kenworthy

"I worked with John Kenworthy in Singapore on a number of education related projects in 2001-02 and found him to be highly talented, well organized and significantly results oriented.I can recommend him with no hesitation for consulting, training and education programs of all types. Fred Steinberg" - Fred Steinberg

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Cherie red high res

"Cherie Carter-Scott's transformational work has touched millions of lives. With her inspirational books, keynote speeches, and motivational trainings, Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott is a powerhouse of love in this information age." - Fred Steinberg

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Gerard O'Donovan

"Integrity, dynamism, power and accessibility. These are some of the traits Gerard brings to work he does. One of the finest trainers I have encountered in over a decade of work in the world of training and inspiration. Gerard O'Donovan has the ability to enlighten, rather than excite a room. His approach to coaching and training is one of great personal integrity and power." - Chris Jordan

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Professional coaching for aspiring individuals.

Most of us are good at career, leadership skills, relationships, business, etc. But to become great, we need to:

Get a different perspective on what we already know
Challenge ourselves & move out of our comfort zone
Get unbiased feedback in anything we do / want to do
Sustain our motivation during stressful times

It's a challenge for us to do it ourselves. Millions have successfully sailed through it by hiring a professional coach for guidance. At Coatom, we have thousands of such coaches who can help you to do great.

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How it Works
Discover Coaches

A credible coach can help you do great in the areas where you are already doing good. Be it in leadership, career, business, relationships, etc.

Step 1:

Click on “Get Started for Free” & choose the area where you want to do great.

Step 2:

Among the coaches listed, choose 4-5 of them. Make sure their Coatom score is high compared to the rest.

Step 3:

View their detailed profile - specialisations, reviews received, etc. - and click on “Book a free session” to schedule an initial free session with them.

Book a Free Session

When you click on “Book a free session”, you will be asked to register if you are not a registered user.

If you have already registered & logged in, write down your initial challenges / goals, choose an available time slot from the coach and schedule a session. You will be notified when the coach accepts the session request.

Live Video Session

You will get an email 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time of the session with the coach. Login to your Coatom account, choose the coach from the “coaches” menu, and go to the timeline you share with the coach.

Click on “Start Session” to have a live video call with the coach.

Our live video call technology is much better than Skype or Google Hangout. You need to try it once to experience it.

Buy a Coaching Package

Once you finish your initial free session with a coach and you would like to proceed with him/her, click on “view packages” to view & buy a coaching package offered by the coach.

Moneyback Guarantee

Be confident and buy a coaching package from a coach as we offer money back guarantee to any package you buy from any coach. For instance, if you buy a package of 6 coaching sessions from a coach and you want to stop the engagement after consuming 2 sessions, money paid for the remaining 4 sessions will be refunded back to you. No questions asked.

We will also assist you in finding another coach. If desired, you can choose to use this money payable to you to hire a new coach instead of going for a refund.

Success Stories
Testimonials received by coaches on our panel
768 Stories so far
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Philip Beck - 贝曦贤
If you want to take control of your life, your career and your work, Andrew is definitely the man to help you. He is a master at helping people and companies identify and break down the barriers to success, that block them from realizing their full potential, with incredibly practical solutions and insights. It’s all about self leadership (Andrew’s mantra) and I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about confronting their current realities in life, or in business and setting a new path to success.
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Didi Pershouse
Coaching has been some of the best money I have spent in the past year. Working intensely in a one-on-one relationship with a coach has helped me define my goals, set priorities, change old habits, and accomplish things that seemed like distant desires. My coach is Scott Graham. I’m sure there are many good coaches out there, but I like Scott’s sense of humor, and background as an addictions counselor, Outward Bound instructor and computer geek. The fact that he is openly gay, I think, takes away some of the paternalistic patterns that might otherwise get triggered by having a male coach. I think of him as a tough-love big brother (even though we are exactly the same age) who is helping me craft, by hand, some of the tools that fell out of my tool box. Or sometimes he just hands me one and says “Here, take this, I’ve got an extra.” Or “Hey, did you know those are on sale right down the street?” or “Oh my God, no wonder you are having trouble, that’s the wrong tool!” or “Here, let me show you how to hold that tool, it would work a lot better if you do it like this…” To read the full text of my article on “Replenishing the Tools in your Toolbox”, go to www.sustainablemedicine.org
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Kirsten Dierolf
When Carmen coaches, results magically appear. She stays in wonderful contact with her clients. By her few and concise interactions with them, her clients discover new options and a new outlook on the situation.
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Karen Watson
If you're looking for inspiration and motivation, you need look no further than Lindsey. She has an incredible amount of positive energy and is naturally warm and engaging with everyone. Coupled with her experience, intelligence and drive, she makes a wonderful coach and a great associate to have around.
Ready to Do Great?
Frequently Asked Questions
1.  How do I know that I need a coach?

Albeit doing our best in our careers, leadership skills, business, relationships, etc., sometime we don’t get desired results. Lack of unbiased feedback, inability to “see ourselves as others see us” ,lack of consistent motivation, etc., are some of the reasons why we don’t succeed in our efforts.

A coach is a trained professional who will act as a bridge between “knowing” &“doing”. A coach provides us with unbiased feedback, different perspectives on what we already know, and also continuously motivates us to move out of our comfort zone to achieve our goals.

3.  Coaching looks very expensive. I’m afraid if I can afford hiring a coach. What do I do?

First of all, hiring a coach is an investment and NOT an expense. All investments give us return in a certain period. Most coaching engagements give results in the first 6 months - be it in our careers, leadership skills, business, relationships, etc. When it happens, you will find your net worth as an individual has gone up compared what it was before and you will be able to derive the value of the investment you made by hiring a coach.

If you do not hire a coach and continue as it is, you probably would be saving few thousand dollars. But if the up side is to push up your value by multiple times in a short period of time, it is definitely worth an investment.

You can always start a coaching engagement with a coach by investing few hundred dollars. Since this investment spreads across multiple months, it will look like just another EMI (Equated Monthly Instalments) that you manage. This certainly won’t create a hole in your pocket.

2.  I get support & guidance from my friends & family members. Why do I need to hire a coach then?

Friends & family members certainly help us in our every day lives. A good social circle always acts as a support system and all of us benefit from it.

But we don’t realise that it is not easy for our friends & family members to guide us all the time:

  • They don’t give us unbiased feedback thinking that it may hurt us.
  • They don’t challenge us to do things differently as they think we may lose if pushed a lot.
  • Indirectly encourage us to stay in status quo to see us look happy the way we are today
  • Under estimate our ability to do better as they know us for a long time
  • Unable to motivate us in a sustained manner as they are also in stress with their own challenges

We think we are getting the right support from them to do better. But the reality is that we don’t.

4.  What if the coach I hired is not able to deliver results for me?

We will refund your money in case you are not happy with your coach hired OR we’ll find another coach for you.

5.  I don’t know which coach I should hire. What do I do?

Email your contact number with us. We’ll call you and discuss with you in detail and we will suggest a coach for you subsequently.